Saturday, 21 April 2007

Lonely Wind

She stands nest to the window
As the wind blows by.
Watches the sea rising,
Then pretends to smile.

All alone again
In her lonely home
Smiling eyes shining
Through holes in the door.

Hear his footsteps on her head
Taking pictures lying on the bed.
So pretty and white as she smiles again
There are words on the wall that she wrote in vain.

She stood in your room
Some words she said.
You just turned away
You’ve been living in your head.

With nails in your head,
You’re getting high.
This house is filled with smoke
And the tears you’ve cried.

Wish I were that dog
That sleeps outside your home.
Watch you smile everyday
As you throw me the bone.

Well I’m like your broken windowpane
I’m the wind blowing by your shores.
Let me sing lullabies as you sleep again
I’ll leave through the holes in your door.

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weevil girl said...

[b] WHAT are you?
the perfect-way-to-put-thoughts-into-words-in-the-most-beutiful-way machine?


oh this is ship btw