Sunday, 4 March 2007


The pictures you took,
They didn’t have my face.
The letters that I sent,
Got lost along the way.

I’ll be there when you look in the mirror,
Maybe on the other side.
I’ll stick around, underground
If you ever choose to hide.

You know I’m not the same
And I get so high.
Even if I forget your name,
I promise I’d remember the time.

You never told me a thing,
Still I know what you wanted to say.
I wish you could see me, girl
When you look the other way.

And in the end when songs are sung
When sorrow rules the day.
With hollow hopes our heads are hung,
Come and take me away.

There are riddles that lie unheard
Like the words not yet spoken.
And there’s silence that speaks louder than words
Of promises broken…

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