Sunday, 11 March 2007


Heard the clown weep with his jokes gone bad
Seen the soldier sleep on a pile of rags.
Watched a poet burn his words to ash,
But I still wait for my time to pass.

He loves me still, she loves me not
Tired of his hollow stare.
Fucking drama, why this innocent?
This silence leads us nowhere.

This is a contradiction, avarice and shame
Ain’t no point left to shout.
I’m nothing, no one again,
I knew more then, than I do now.

I’ve seen them kill an innocent man
But man is never innocent – why the fuck not?
These words wouldn’t do any good
It’s not like you want this to last.

My mind’s delusional, maybe I need a fuck
But oh no, how can you say?
These babes won’t turn their ass on you
Fuck his ass, anyway.

-pointless ? worthless? fuck you.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hmmmm if judge dredd was a poet-kabeer