Sunday, 11 March 2007


Where were you when,
I got so high?
I never grew wings
Yet I wished to fly.

With friends surrounded and the fire burning,
I found a reason to forget.
Writing names on the glass,
My thoughts went far; up, up and away.

I never look before I laugh
But I always look ugly in a photograph.
It’s not just your eyes, they haunt me still
No one can see, no one can see.

Where were you when
I touched the sky?
I found myself right here
Wish you could see me smile.

Where were you when
The troubles died?
I fucked up my stomach
For on last time.

Well, I’m still waiting, thinking of you,
The words you said, they still ring true.
I hope you forget everything I didn’t say,
I’ve been here but you’ve been away.

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