Thursday, 22 March 2007

Drama Queen

You seem lost, girl
Are you looking for a change?
Burn this flag in front of me
Tomorrow you’ll raise the same.

When I fall down,
It’s hard to find me there.
When I get high,
You’re everywhere.

You walked by me
I didn’t really care.
It was for the second time
When I really stood and stared.

I’ll do it all
To hear those three words.
At time I feel,
I feel too much.

And you rage love with mistletoe,
Everyone’s a broken story, sanity in tow.
Hide beside me please if you cant let it show.
Everyone’s scared to death of dying here alone.

When I choose to kneel,
You know I really care.
When I start to bleed,
You tell me it’s not fair.

Hey Casanova, pass me the mistletoe,
Too scared of holding on or letting this go.
Too tired to try, I’ve been thinking you’d know
For everyone’s scared of dying here alone.

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