Tuesday, 20 March 2007

She & Them

She said she wants to be like me
Five years down the line
I told her we should be ourselves
Before we run out of time.

Another got up and left the room
I followed her through the maze.
She turned and laughed at me
She said it’s just a phase.

And she, she wants to change the world
I said it’d stay the same.
Hey girl, haven’t you seen enough?
Only you know you can change.

Another one said – boy, you gotta straighten out,
Clear your head that’s been filling with doubt.
I don’t know why you should even care
Then leave me alone, standing here.

One wants to push me against the wall
One wants to make me crawl.
One leaves with nothing to say
I’m still here, but you’re walking away.

And she said the world could wait,
Lets dance for one last time.
I said we should save the last dance
Till we know our steps will rhyme.

She said that she would pack her bags
Leave this town behind.
A tired song on a tired radio
But tonight – it’s gonna be just fine.

A house in the hills she’ll build
Everything else can just wait.
So tell me where you wanna go,
Because now you’re walking away.

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