Thursday, 22 March 2007

The End

This one is for those
Who lost their tracks.
For shattered dreams
And broken noses in the back.

I haven’t come much far
From where we once began
But the story’s over
Let go of my hand.

I gave you my word
So why don’t you sing?
Me thoughts are wasted
You cannot dance to anything.

The water gets so cold
And the waves, they get so high.
All that we’ve ever known is lost,
You know it must drift away and die.

I’ll change my name
I’ll find my song.
With the revelations in my head,
I’ll sing along.

I’ll burn my flag
Tear my soul
Clip my wings
Feel free to roam.

And behind me I see
Glowing embers of the places I’ve left behind.
I run, shelter from the sun
It’s always raining in my mind.

A song sounds the same
When words don’t mean a thing.
Open your eyes, love
This is the end.

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