Sunday, 11 March 2007

Me, Alone

Sometimes i need the sun even when i know its gonna my thoughts in my head which even i dont get most of the times, i really dont know how the hell does this world thing is for sure, the funniest thing here are the people walking around, dont figure em out boy...just walk away form this...let the guitar play in your head..let poetry merge in ur brain...forget it all move on...dont look back.

This is getting more and more happy...iam finally true...iam finally what i wanted to be...i am loved iam wanted...ive become a boy...and i dont wanna be a man anymore...sorry uncle, sorry dad, sorry my brother...i let you down...

sometimes i think iam becoming more and more like a girl each and everyday and sometimes i just wanna do and feel what i feel like doing and being...whats really sad is the lets me down everyday...

i am learning to give up my real dreams and chasing the ones i know might never come true but seem more within reach than anything thats close to me.

oh, how i love you aazar.

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