Monday, 12 March 2007

Black Circle

Running back and forth in my head
Thinking about throwing this switch down.
I know the pieces don’t fit, never will
Wonder what will it take for us to come around.

Is there any hope left? Perhaps none.
This black circle of a planet still spinning,
Here no one wins and no one’s one.

I am in my head, I’m burning out
What the fuck is this place? So upside down.
And what did I find? More than just a change…
I don’t want to lose this common ground.

Under the earth, your breed’s dying
Still, with those eyes, that smile – you depart.
Wasting it all away to nothingness,
Betting it all on an ace of spades, queen of hearts.

Words are hollower than your soul,
Still they haunt, cut like the knives.
Everything and everyone is done,
We choose to call this life.

Theory of a dead man, words of Christ
Rising on my skin, stigmata of time.
Still got to choose the way I wanna slide,
He lead me astray, was never a fucking guide.


Anonymous said...

you are so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

oh yes you are- caveman