Sunday, 11 March 2007

Lost Letters

Ive a thing for north easters chicks...ive a thing for japanese babes...damn so hot...!!

Whenever i look at em i go crazy...

why am i even writng this down?

its not like you care...but anyway this is useles piece of information that u can spin to your heart's delight in any way u want go right ahead be my my me!

i miss her like hell...damn iam going insane...i need money college, wont you bestow this honour upon me??...i gotta get somewhere rather than going nowhere...

and why...

why the fuck shud u mind everything i tell you this much?

after all i am your aazarina...yeah sorry boy...i get angry glad i aint naming you here...watcha gonna do?

and damn the distance...just damn it.
damn the letters that will never get to juliana...and vice versa.
damn the things i will never be able to tell saranya.
damn the times i will never be besides zehra.
damn the times i cant talk to rwick.
damn the things i can't be

iam outta here.

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