Friday, 18 May 2007

Mocking Bird

Indifference, what you see is what you get
Before you end up in regret.
I am at one, though I often lie
I’ll take a chance, see me try.

Mock me like you always do
Please save me from myself.
For all you know, in the end
I cannot be somebody else.

My world spins another circle
And I watch the rising sun.
I think off all the things I’ve left behind
When I tasted sorrow on my tongue.

Mock me like you did before
Please save me from this pain.
Leave me be in my own world
I want to be free again.

Only if I knew it would end like this
I would never start.
No one told me I’d become this
And that life would be so hard.

Mock me like you always do
You cannot be somebody else.
For all you know, in the end
You cannot laugh at yourself.

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