Thursday, 24 May 2007

About A Boy

Don’t stare and look at me with those eyes
The creature that’s in me will only destroy.
Not your hero, not here to save.
Bury me deep, sleep upon my grave.

I am a liar, forgetting everything you’re not
You’re mocking me, but you’re all I got.
Holding on to my hand, feeding off this bone
When I cry, you leave me alone.

I hate it when she calls me a child,
There’s a difference between me and a man.
I like it when horses run wild,
I hate it when they don’t understand.

There’s a thunder coming down tonight,
But I can see no rain.
I know they want what they don’t need,
But who am I to complain?

Riding the wave, not wary of the tide.
The boy that’s in me will only destroy.
Not your savior, still you put me on a cross,
Don’t mock me like you always do, love
You know I’m all that you got.

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