Thursday, 10 May 2007


He stood in the room naked
Some words that he said.
I can’t escape the wires
I’ve been living in my head.

I looked around the place,
The walls were almost bare.
Some blood and upturned bibles on the floor,
And there were razors everywhere.

‘You know child’, he said to me
‘Sometimes I wake up alone’.
‘Tell me have I carved enough?’
‘Sir, you are a bone’.

I choose the songs that I sing with care
I can’t see the words but there are lines everywhere.
I’m going crazy, hanging on a prayer
But the water’s drying up in my wishing well.

I had a dream last night
Where they said the world would end.
I took that as a blessing
Something ‘heaven sent’.

For I am bound to fall
In this world, on my own.
I needn’t carry you on my shoulder
I’ll leave you alone.

Then he turned to the mirror
And he walked right through
I saw him going deeper in that tide
Leaving behind a sad sad tune.

Then I stood in the room naked
Wires going through my head.
I put my eyes on the ceiling,
There’s no place lonelier than this bed.

No one needn’t visit me,
No one should know my name.
You can label me as the crazy one
I’ll treat you just the same.

The chemicals between us, they call me now
There’s a truth inside I’d never understand.
Is there a frequency, a way to reach you somehow?
This boy shall never become a man.

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