Monday, 14 May 2007


Deep in the labyrinth of full grown wires
Down in the circle of rings
I found myself and a future uninspired
And all that I could have been.

Futures turning overnight
Mirror into something else.
Down these roads that shine no light
They can think on their own.

Velvet black the way she slides
Beneath the darkest waste.
I’m ready for death, whatever it means
But I needn’t make haste.

Can anybody see this?
Regardless of what they say
I’ve waited all this time
I waited my life away.

Now my hands are open wide
I’m shining bright and blue
These words that are in my head
Now I give to you.

The tomorrows burning bright
Like the fires of yesterday
It’s easily forgotten
Doubled up inside up, up and away.

Give me a reason, give me a voice
Choices are too many and hard for me to decide.
So pretty the lights of the nights
But I’m the one with silhouettes.

The darkness like a wandering star
Shallow as a hole with no sounds within.
Look at me with those eyesFor now my shadow’s wearing thin.

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