Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Jesus Christ Pose

I swallow your lies
One by one
You say it’s all all right,
But your day will come.

I’ll march into your temple of lies
I’ll show you what you’ve done
I’ll burn your flag of shit in front of your eyes
And leave you with nowhere to run…

You killed my people
You hijacked our democracy
I hate your condescending talks
Of who we ‘ought to be’.

Why don’t you go and fight your own war?
Than wash your bloody hands, just like before.
Make promises, treaties and lies and valleys of death
You and your rich mates shall end up in regret.

Just a hammer and a nail
I’ll drive it through your hand
I’ll let your blood drip
Over our fucking ‘promised land’.

Cut you like a pig, so beautiful
Make you look like a homeless whore
The world shall know my anger the day
The president lies dead in jesus Christ pose.

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