Thursday, 4 January 2007


i got a picture in my head
my emotions area all blind
i got a few chains to break
this town dont feel mine.

sometimes you lie so quiet
i miss the sound of your voice
they tell me to walk away
but i already made that choice.

people say you're not for real
and they say i'm not the same
i know this feeling i felt so well before
but i cant recall the name.

i walk these streets
but im not alone
i hear your voice
when the lights are gone.

everybody wants you
everybody needs you
im lost in the crowd

i'll run around you
i'll walk beside you
even when you're down.

so let me hold your hand
rid you of the thorns in your side
you got a scar for each day
you wish you never had to hide.

-dedicated to Juliana, my muse.

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