Tuesday, 16 January 2007

On My Mind

she is thinking of a make believe place
and she might take this ship down
iam burning with the one thats inside
where silence is yet to be found.

coming down the bend
with you on my mind
sleepless nights, yet again
i am running out of time.

looking at the t.v.
makes me want to cry
no one really cares
if the people live or die.

does justice never find them?
will the wicked never lose?
with one hand tied behind my back,
ive been gunning down the blues...

ive been staring down the aisle
to find a familiar face
need her to remind me of all that i am
i need her grace.

with my hopes, iam walking down
tired of standing all alone
today i will walk till my wings burn white
I'll make heaven and call it home

do you choose to find yourself
when they call you by your names?
or do you choose to lose yourself,
in their dirty, dirty games?

but do you walk the line
down this road again?
or would you rather hide
and tell me you're the same...?

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