Tuesday, 30 January 2007

How I Should Be (Trippy At 12, part – 2)


This shade, a blade
Leave me alone.
A cut I’ll make in her name,
Maybe carve a way to my home.

You give up so easily,
Wishing so freely,
You were someone else.

Well now you are –
Wishing you were,
What you were before…

I made you,
You break me.
You fucking forsake me.

You don’t give a shit.
But you’re so full of it.

Jimmies in my head,
High as a bird.
Don’t even know,
How to fly.

Teach me or I’ll fall…

You want a scar?
I’ll give you some.

You want a name?
I’ll lend you one.

You want my blood?
Well, bring your cup.

You want a home?
Fuck you, I ain’t jesus.

1 comment:

ishita said...

i kno u rote it wn u wr feelin damn..wel..weird..bt it undoubtly is one of d best poetry u'v eva rittn..