Saturday, 8 August 2015


If there were three things I could do today,
They would be to burn
To burn and to burn.

Burn like the sun of a new day that sets the sky alight
Burn like the fires that keep burning even when it's raining

Many things in your life are as cold and stale as a limp dick
And the winter of your youth will never return
So keep burning

Burn like narendra modi just started eating beef
Burn like its watermelon season
Burn like the chillies are fresh
Burn like you were on fire like that one Vietnamese priest on the cover of rage against the machine's first album
Burn like Tom Morello's guitar chords on a pair of fresh strings

Burn like the cities inside of you are burning
And people are having sex on top of cars left behind on the road
And even though there are cops everywhere you aren't following the fucking curfew hours to go home because you'd rather burn

Burn down those who say you weren't man enough
Burn away those that say you're too much of a woman
Burn because you don't need to bow
Burn because you don't need permission

Burn, for you can withstand it
Burn, because your canvas is candid
And though I haven't planned it
When you burn
I won't leave you stranded.

Burn like the streets are empty
Burn like there's no music but
You're dancing anyway
Burn like you're dancing naked
Burn like everyone's watching you like a comet that comes by only once every 75 years

Burn like your parents are away
Burn like your plate is full
Burn like your grandparents used to get high
Burn and carve your name on this world
Forget about who offended you
Write an open letter to yourself
Stop being faceless on Facebook
Trendy on Twitter or tumbling over tumbler
Burn, as only you know how

If there were four things I could do today
They would be to burn, to burn, to burn
And to heal.

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