Tuesday, 10 March 2015


I want to live where the road runs out
Where the grass is wild and no one's about
Where voices are vices and silence's a cloud
To build an abode in nature's shroud.

I want to live where the river flows free
Where dreams are whispers and the world is a sea.
Between the lost and found
From the corner of down and out
I want to run to every mountain and climb every tree.

I want to be where freedom is not a decree
Where there are no cages and the bird is singing with glee
A song for the forsaken, the fallen and me
To know my muse has awoken
And my muse is free.

From the ocean of deceit to the valley of truth
I want to travel to a place with every shade of green and blue
Where we come to for the stories but stay for the view
I want to give everything away and be something new.

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