Wednesday, 19 August 2015

I would like to meet you
But meet you from a distance 
We don't have to embrace or kiss
Like you say lovers did
Off of a postcard from New York stuck 
At the back of your bedroom door
The sailor's hat in the wind
Your hair dances 
Your feet, too small 
Like your hands 
But I don't see the lines 
Or the spilt mascara and overturned 
Eyelashes, the eyes are out of business,
the doors are still and closed 
Even if from a distance 
They seem open and inviting 
So you invite me for a walk
Then say you haven't got
the time to walk this line
And slip like shifting sands from dunes
Of the night, you blow smoke rings
And wouldn't like to sing
Or even gallop to a place
Far away, a city eroding by the sea
to see two walls going by
Across, parallel
Never to touch

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