Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Your first name
Is free
You don't even know
The meaning of
A bird or have wings
Or utter poetry
In the dark of the night
Like your name
Your aunt's cousin thought
Sounded 'aspirational'
The second one
Is a joke
Found written
On your school bathroom
Walls, on hard concrete
Etched at the back
Of desks and chairs
The one you can't erase
So you learn to live
With the same
The third is the one
You borrow
From someone much better
With a broader chest
Or better hair
And the smile that no
One forgets
Fourth is the one you believe in
Like a bad haircut
Or nipple piercings
Or a colourful tattoo
From a comic book
You read when you were 16
Others chime
'It's just a phase'
Fifth is a cage
You craft
And you stay in till
Your bones give way
Till age withers
And cracks, till you
Finally lose words
And letters
And meanings
Of all the people
And all the places
You used to be
Of all the names
You once had

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