Saturday, 10 October 2015


Apologies for the letters I wrote
They say emotions aren't impressive
In the year of our lord 2015
Maybe resting your head on my bony shoulders
Hurts your neck, and that's fine
"Curves are better than lines," you say
"Okay," I nod.

Maybe when I hold you my ribs are too sharp
And they nudge you in the worst way possible
Like waves of words hitting your sides.

Perhaps this is why you approach me
As a city you're unsure of living in
But I can be a home, not just four walls
And you can leave the lights on
Fuck my roads paved with good intentions
And almost no potholes.

Apologies that I only read and write
And no I can't drive nor am i good with
Directions, just better at getting lost
And we could have, if you
Only said, "Sure".

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