Friday, 7 December 2007

The Pain I Love

You know my name and not my face,
We’ve sung this song before.
Your fingerprints don’t leave a trace,
As you crawl right through my door.

What do you see and want me to be,
Caged tonight in the thoughts of you.
I run in circles when I’m free,
I only love it when I’m hurting you.

He stares at the mirror and doesn’t know his face,
I weep and weep as I weave my wicked craft.
Don’t you know I want you on a crucifix?
With pins and needles in your heart.

Shining lights and the words they say,
Too true and precious to borrow.
Let us commit our little sins today,
We’ll be forgiven tomorrow.

Let me go astray tonight,
No one left to torture in this world.
No strips to mask your bloody wounds,
No noise of pain I haven’t heard.

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