Saturday, 29 December 2007

Blue Star

...funny are the words you say...the words you preach...forgetting, like you never did might be just like me with someone disappointed or more expecting from they fall when you see yourself in the mirror, don't you see you've changed from what you used to be? The way you've drained all the colours you once draped yourself in...the way you taught me how to dream and do the impossible...the way you smilled when you read what i wrote and we would spend hours talking about our little hopes...well, you're turning into a puppet now and all that once remained with you is washing away like your regrets in the rain...though there is still hope...there is no way out of let me find my own...maybe, rationality is just a word for often i used it to justify and preach to myself how i should be and what i should be and especially what i can't be and will never even try thus...but not anymore...let me be the crazy one, let me sometimes go will i ever learn if you chart out the roads for me and tell me where they lead to...?

I don't know of the future to come...and you don't too...whatever you have today may fall apart tomorrow, so what makes you so sure of things not working out for me??...fuck your are not wrong but am hope, to dream...and thus, to work towards making it possible....???



Rainchild said...

may i ask whom this is dedicated to?

CresceNet said...

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