Sunday, 2 December 2007

My maiden and I

Losing reasons to be understood.
But there are proportions to be defied.
Chained myself to the roads we’ve traveled,
Like chaos in my mind.

A reason to be flown away,
Like the words that ebb tonight.
Oh so lovelorn,
My maiden and I.

A heart drenched in silence,
But a voice that couldn’t die.
Passive, as I watch her drifting,
Nourish my selfish pride.

Blinded, in your flame I am.
Picturesque, you haunt my eyes.
Oh so lovelorn,
My maiden and I.

Are you a deceiver?
Tearing down my walls.
I know they will forgive,
Purge us when we call.

I’ve been down this sad, dark forest,
And now your arms are open wide.
Oh so very lovelorn,
My maiden and I.

1 comment:

Mrinmoyee said...

did you work on this one a little more after saturday...

i really do like does have a gothic ring to it... :)