Monday, 19 November 2007

Bugle and Drum

I heard the bugle and the drum,
They rolled on and on all night.
Slipping away like marching soldiers.
Between shadows and the light.

And I heard the call of darkness,
Of our nation’s precious sins.
They mix like blood in water,
And flow somewhere within.

Like a bird whose lost its prey,
It has no wings to glide.
This time I shall surrender,
Break into your once deep-blue skies.

So have you heard the news today?
Women and children were not spared.
Kiss your babies goodnight,
Wish they weren’t there…

So I heard the bugle and the drums,
As the generals, they spoke without any words.
Twisted and frayed, they were broken still,
And went down in silence-unwept, unknown and unheard.

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