Wednesday, 21 November 2007


There were places like this so long ago,
Places where our legs would sway from the trees.
Like flags with prayers and leaves in the wind,
Which carried them away,
Far away to distant lands.

Places where the ghosts, they all roamed free,
And walked amongst us, the living dead.
Just one day closer, just one step away.

Where candles burnt and melt with wax.
And the stories were almost true…

Four feet behind and four in front,
Four besides and four again.
You could see the road bending and singing,
Down where we were one, we were all.

Places with summer running down the stream,
Wishing, waiting, watching you rise.
And many have I seen, just like before.
There was a time like this but it is not now.
A face, your face…your eyes…and a night that haunts.
There was a face like yours, but not anymore.

So tell me again, how I long to be asked,
Why always silence before dawn?
Wake up now and open your eyes.
Tonight let me watch you sleep
You can turn around and make me smile.

And there were places,
Places that you found, so far away,
In your head or across your eyes,
Where the sky was bruised in blue.
Could you take me back, lead me astray?
And I will stay with you.

1 comment:

-m said...

Let's go to those places then...
and ask each other questions to these answers already come to us in our patterns...