Wednesday, 5 September 2007


Clocks are ticking, round and slow,
In this room, shadows are my only friend.
My thoughts wander as I wait by the door,
I long for the light in your eyes and the touch of your skin.

Cobwebs stretching on the wall,
Legs on the edge, contemplate the fall.
I kiss the mirror as the light is shown,
Sing me your songs when I lie all alone.

Dreaming with my arms open wide,
There are broken words all over the floor.
And in the corner, letters from an unknown man,
Who wouldn’t let me be the child I am.

In this slumber, I rise
With a body grown too old.
The things that are there in my head,
I wish you never know.

Disillusioned by the years, I am not the only one,
But everyone has found a place, and I have just begun.
The future’s not the same, there’s madness in it all,
I’ll take my ground and stand by you, though I’m bound to crawl.

They got to tell you something,
When you’re losing out on hope.
Running out of fingers, counting
The mistakes that you’ve made.
If this doesn’t get to you,
Well, I’ll hang my head, love,
And I’ll just wait.

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