Wednesday, 5 September 2007


Look around you, my dew eyed boy.
You can see a world, changed.
It’s in its tomorrow, now,
It won’t go back to yesterday.

When the yesterday isn’t far,
When your tomorrows ain’t a long way,
Hold my hand, take it strong,
We’ll make our escape.

When it’s all over,
You’ll be with me still.
We’ve come a long way through the oceans and the canyons,
And we’ve climbed the hills.

When the lonesome has a meaning,
And you’d much rather be drifting away,
Hold on to your faith, hold it close,
We’ll make our escape.

I’ll set you free from sorrow,
And I’ll love you more tomorrow.
Won’t let the light escape from you,
Won’t let the darkness swallow you,
We’ll make our escape.

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