Wednesday, 5 September 2007


A poem I thought I’d lost…maybe I’ll lose it again. Who knows? Nobody.

Things that I’m afraid of,
Things that I fear.
They aren’t with me anymore,
You make them disappear.

And I won’t turn around,
To find my past still here with me.
Whatever I’ve left behind,
Shall become my history.

I hope to find unopened doors,
Walking this uncertain path for too long,
Don’t give me comfort, I must continue,
And soon enough, I’ll be gone.

Let truth be the secret,
I hold so near.
And for once in a blue moon,
I see everything clear.

I see the dawn, I see the dusk.
I see your city, all lit up.
I see the thunder, I see the sky,
I see the moment,
That has passed you by.

Now I see everything,
For everything’s here.
And everything is gone,
But everything’s clear.

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