Friday, 17 August 2007

The Middle Of Everything

Father, forgive me for all my crimes,
I can never be like you.
I know I’ve wasted all my time,
I know I never gave a reason, too.

I never thought I would be like this,
But you see I had no choice.
You gave me everything I wanted,
Then you took away my voice.

But this ain’t a complaint, no sir,
It’s just a point of view.
I don’t like to believe in miracles,
I just want to believe in you.

Mother, forgive me for all my sins,
I can never be like ‘them’.
You know the future isn’t everything,
Don’t tell me to stop when I tell you when.

I never thought I would become this,
I can’t find the words.
Through this void in my head, we travel,
And seek the silence, yet unheard.

But I ain’t crying for help, no ma’am,
I know that you care.
Please don’t tell me what I’m not,
Don’t tell me I’m not there.

Brother, forgive me for all my tries,
You know we’re not the same.
What will I do if I had your life?
Well, I know I’ll take the blame.

I feel good when I see you smile,
Watching the trophies that you earned.
And I feel bad when I see you crying,
But there are lessons to be learnt.

One of us cannot be wrong,
When two of us cannot be right.
I’m running out of numbers and excuses,
And I’m already out of time.

But this ain’t a plea for attention, no man,
This maybe just a call.
Do you ponder when you look in the mirror?
I think I don’t know you at all…

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