Friday, 17 August 2007


I’ve been running around today,
To the places in my head.
Trying so hard to understand,
Everything that you said.

Everything I say is borrowed,
These words are not my own.
You leave me empty and hollow,
Don’t leave me all alone.

You disappear and fade away,
Like reasons in my hands.
Scars to tell what I’ve been through,
But I don’t have enough to make me a man.

So give me all your barbed retorts,
Don’t show me all your dreams.
In the end, you’re all the same,
Just a tear of glycerin.

And I’m just a face, getting lost in the crowd,
Because of you, I can’t figure, what I’m all about.
Because of you, I can’t find, a reason to stay,
And you know I’ll follow, this is everyday.

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