Friday, 17 August 2007


Oh my sweet mannequin, sing a little song for me.
I don’t know how we walked this far,
But I know how we came to be.
Borrowed from the heathens, I gave you a heart,
Didn’t lay you on a canvas, but you’re a work of art.

With wires of steel, I grew you your hair.
I seek you in the shadows, but you’re not there.
With crimson and copper, I made you your eyes,
With rings of iron, I gave you wings to fly.

Take my lullabies, these songs of yesterday.
Sing them tonight, sing them for me.
Rid my head of the thoughts I can’t defuse,
Oh my mannequin, don’t walk out of view.

Oh my sweet mannequin, tell me a little lie,
About the distance that you walked.
About the times that you’ve tried,
To light this sad forest that didn’t give you anything
Except darkness in your heart,
Or maybe a song to sing.

And is this what you wanted? To do what I please?
To make me watch you suffer, and walk on your knees.
I am not what they say I am, though I made you this way,
The hollow that’s in your eyes, well it stares at me.

And yes it’s my fault you’re devoid of choices
The man upstairs is used to your screams,
He came down tonight and took away your reasons,
He said you can live without your dreams.

I seek your touch in a state of decay,
A thousand nights I’ve slept alone.
Besides your scarlet scent that never begs to differ,
In a house that’s not a home.

But oh my sweet mannequin, don’t you fall for me.
I made you and then I broke you, just to be free.
I wear masks; I spill deceits from my blackened tongue.
And you can try to spark, this lonely wooden heart,
But for now, the story’s done.

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