Sunday, 1 July 2007


Met a woman long ago,
Pushed me into a corner-told me to be still.
The way she looked, like when swords are drawn.
Glass sticking to our skin.

Eyes all around me,
Doors that halt my way.
Closing in these cold red walls,
You left me with nothing to say.

When I hear your cries in vain
What’s a boy to do?
It’s hard to keep running away
Or stand by the road and wait for you.

Oh and it’s been so hard,
Lately you got myself talking to me.
When you know you’ve lived inside a cage,
I know I can never be free.

It’s way too long,
From the distance to here.
Still searching where we belong,
You thoughts and mine just disappear.

So I got to watch you drift silently,
Sliding through this hole in my head.
A prick of a rose to remember you by,
This void makes it worse all this noise inside the quiet.

She drew a line today, and,
Glasses shatter when hearts collide.
All the scars that you gave me,
I treasure them dearer than my life.

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