Sunday, 1 July 2007


Lights and shadows,
Just like my peers,
Some keep shining,
The others disappear.

The roads we’ve been down before,
Well they had no names.
We always chose the shiny ones,
And we never were the same.

You said you can’t take this town
But you’re always on my mind.
You asked me to follow you
But you walked right behind.

In a world of magnets and mirrors,
Shining like the sun.
I met you not so long ago
And I was in a word, overrun.

Now you walk on the other side
You should see my face,
Still the same, ripped and torn
And a little out of place.

These lights that shine down my hollow spine,
Cold and yellow, piercing through.
All the thing I wish I had for me,
Now I wish them all for you.

Songs we can’t sing with words that don’t rhyme,
Clocks ticking forever and I know it’s not my time.
Sometimes I got to let you be down these roads you choose to stray,
That’s why I won’t stop you now as you’re walking away.

- For Abua

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