Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Midnight Monologue

Wrote this one with Shraddha...mwah!Love ya dear!

Gazes,confused,she shivers tonight,
cold full moon on a blue sky torn.
tiny ledge,the most romantic place,
tears,shes sitting there all alone.

Head in her knees,wet little dress,
she cries of a home that never was hers,
of the child she could not make smile,
of a body so ugly covered with scars.

Music in her head,shes dancing on the edge
hips swinging slowly to beats she cant understand.
Lips quiver,longing for something to hold,
face awaits the touch of soft smooth hands.

Breathes in,rubs her hand along her neck,
she wishes someone could bite the pain away.
heart longs for a love she never might find,
sings for him,with nothing to say...

alone, cold, he's out of sight
like her in his head, so long gone.
lights a candle, then douse the flames,
when the children of tomorrow are born.

scars on her face, scabs on his hands
try to cut me open when she could not understand.
this distance that kills, this speed that haunts,
between just a mystery of a woman and a man.

rain is falling, dark and slow
the things inside your head, i'll never know.
shrouded in darkness, my lonely heart,
no one sings like you anymore.

And if you're not going my way,
I hope you come around and stay.
And this house may never make a home,
The world leaves us astray, but we're not alone.

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