Tuesday, 16 February 2016


Words will
get me nowhere
With you.

I can see the credits rolling
Already the story is wrought
With spoilers
No one wants to know.

So open me like a book
Don't let my aching spine, 
Offer any protests for you.
Pages with no smell, and
Dinner stains
Maybe neon highlights
Are but a passing
Of time.
A loss of reason and rhyme.
While the world yearns to burn
I think of your fire.

To you speaking
In the wind
Mistakes like, no one takes your picture
And no one holds your hand
Certainly not me.
Complaints, he didn't see you smile
As you walked away
on embers.

And all I'll do
With you
Is turn you into
A poem about
What I
Couldn't do.

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