Thursday, 11 February 2016


I live my life 
One word at a time
And if the muse is kind
The words do rhyme.

The sky burned my streets,
The shadows of skyscrapers
I gather the scraps I can find
And sing my life on paper.

Words arranged like jigsaw 
In paper towns, they teach you
So I let my paper plans 
Become paper planes and hope they reach you.

You're on fire with all you know
Your shores are boiling too
I'm a city made of paper, vary of your touch
Lest you burn me too.

And you'll only reach me when the
Ink has dried up in your wishing well
When your thoughts are not your own
The colours resigned, you say you gave it hell.

And still I write unseen words
Doused in all that's true
And maybe just until the day
Theres nothing more left to say
So I let my paper wishes
Turn to paper boats 
And set sail to you.

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