Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Tides

Will the river meet the ocean tide?
Where the mountains end and the sun does hide?
To forget and float away like a stringless kite
Is what I often wish to do.

To see the world in her eyes through sunlight beams
To never question these threads merging into tender seams
As night turns to day and a blue evening leans
My arms are doors that lie open for you.

Today, I wish to fly like birds that brave the wind
To be naked and shed this dying skin
Even though they oft meander, my thoughts are pinned
To a wall of words I raised and drew.

And yet, I arrive only as a letter
Only to be gagged, bound and tethered
Yellowed, unopened and set upon a table
Weather beaten and never to be read.

So find me a place where my bones can rest
In the rising tides, I was summoned by your zest
Now I tremble as you remove your dress
But I’ll hold you close like the words you've said.

*photo by Pranita Kocharekar*


Anonymous said...

hey this is Chino from Deftones.. great stuff dude, really simple stuff yet so elegant , keep writing man

Juliana Mendes said...

Hey, this is Dave, from Foo Fighters, you wrote well, man! Got talent! Keep it up!