Monday, 27 May 2013


I must lose it all.

I must lose because I don’t have anything hard or ugly or cold or bitter inside. I don’t have a struggle. I was born in a simple family to loving parents. I was bound for normalcy. But what is normal? Is it a fence we build for ourselves or a wall others raise around us? I think it’d be best to call it a state of motionlessness. Of not going anywhere. Like trying to swim in an ocean with no waves. Or maybe that’s what our indecisive brains try and tell us – to move away from the comfort we burrow ourselves in. however, like the roots of an old tree, our beliefs fasten themselves into a ripe ground of youth and age till they’re too rigid to change.

The only thing I've ever learnt from life and love is that sometimes we should close our mouths but we should never close our eyes.

Now I rage without a reason. I burn without a flame. My voices have no words anymore.

I must lose it all.

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Juliana Mendes said...

I think normality is exactly what you said, an ocean without waves, but what's wrong in swimming in an ocean without waves? What's wrong in chosing the easy path? College, job, marriage, kids, aging, death?
What's so wrong in being happy like this? Why do we have to fight against the natural course of our lives?

It's the chase, the adrenaline, the paralysis, the pain, the laugh, the rise and fall of the waves that makes this life worth living. Without the waves, it ain't fun at all. Without waves it's like predicting future all the time, you know exactly what you'll be doing tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and so on. No risks, no pain, no gain, only surviving and going with the massive flow of blank thoughts.

And no, I don't think we should keep our mouths shut, in fact, I think that we should speak more! It's this distance, this silence, that makes it all awful! If only we talked more and showed people what we are really feeling without EXPECTATIONS we would be a lot more happy...

I guess... =/