Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Take Me Back

Take me back to the days

When there is mist all around.

Sunlight pierces through to show

Birds resting on the trees.

When smoke hangs in the air

A candle flickers and lights your face.

Take me back to the time

When it rained and we ran for shelter.

Shared a blanket, sang together.

Walked through the night, lost our way.

Traced the footsteps of an old man

Dodged cows, dogs and pitfalls

And home again.

Take me back to the moment

When you close your eyes and

Hold your breath.

Before you laugh and let it go,

To take me back

So I find you there.

Take me back, to all that

And more, like

The things that I forget.

There is no one here to hurt or please.

And the room I’m in leaves me


Though I still hear the birds sing.

1 comment:

manisha said...

"In the silence of night I have often wished to go back to that time when in reality ,i had lived my live those moments which actually makes some sense to me..."...

this wish is so desired by so many people...lucky are the one who can live those moments again..this poem describes that want,that need in the much needed way......