Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Be Near

Drifting, devoid of shade

But don’t we all?

A thousand teacups ring your name.

Remember when you

Made a corner your home…?

It was there, in that corner

Where your roots took shape.

Forced itself through every wall.

Ran free, like

Rings through your ears

Found me waiting

And took me in.

And all I’ll ask of you

Is to

Be near.

When the night breaks me in two.

And the day finds me again.


manisha said...

well never been to your blog before..n that really makes me feel bad....its one of the finest blog i have ever come across..wish i could stay n read more....stupid exams wont allow me.....

but beautiful...i couldnt stop myself from leaving behind my words..
all the poems, n mostly the photos are wondrous....

Anonymous said...

Nice read man..