Friday, 18 January 2008


You’re like poetry,
Waiting to be found.
Or forgotten by time,
Only to be remembered.
By lovers, fools and jesters alike.
You’re on their tongue,
Like water at my feet as I walk by the shore.
Coming and receding like a long lost friend,
Smelling of childhood victories.
And you remind me of myself,
In a different place at a different time.
A time when I stood and swayed and went,
Wherever the wind took me.
But now I am two mirrors,
And a bouquet of forgotten flowers.
And as you stand in front of me,
You make it easier because,
You’re like poetry.
All I have to do is to write you down.


m said...

can i just be silent and smile...and you will know what i mean...

Cerebral said...

Pure Aazar Poetry.