Thursday, 7 January 2016

Fold the girl

It's all the same, she said
The days and the ends of ways.
New city, she's seen before
The keys that dangle from her chain
The eyes that follow 
Down the lane
I steal the songs she used to hum
And when it snows, she breaks
Into a run.

It's all a game, she said
The sun has kissed her eyes too often
And the rain has not
left any pore dry
While I drown in bottles of different shapes
Darting between pills like scattered beetles
An old passport smudged with stamps,
She leaves home.

I know why I'm not in your view
My seaweed hair holding on to the ocean floor 
Eyes darting like a chicken running from the knife
And after all has come to pass
All I want to see is
you, unframed 
After all this
All this time I can't 
Hold the girl
So I fold the girl in half
And put her in my pocket.

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