Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The Drowning

I close the door
The voices outside have drowned
It’s time I must sleep
A deep, trembling sleep
For the sun was getting too loud.

Words are never far
From where you are.

But I bid farewell to
The smiling, squinting eyes
That stray from me
The face of yesterdays
That called out in the breeze
Forsaken and lost,
Just a fever dream.

Do you lay down your armour
Or do you simmer and burn?
But tonight you recede sans waves
Silence fits you like a glove.

Don’t you know I’ve been counting
All the suns and moons left in my days
The wealth of past is never abounding
You can be the light, or
You can be the shade.

What shall I do to seek your shadows
Though your reflections are oft’ in my view
Evening moon and the midnight flower
Twixt both, and I have you.

And so, I close the door as,
The song is done
And though adrift
I stand before you
Naked to the bone.

Maybe we’re all stuck in silent motion
And maybe the rock
That sinks in the ocean
Is just a stone.