Wednesday, 18 June 2014


It was one of those nights where anything would do.

'Anything'. He repeated to himself in his head. He lied. He meant 'anyone'.

But there he was. Watching amovie with an imdb rating of 6.6 instead of his usual 7+ douchey unexplaining hard to pronounce titles that'd usually turn out to be lame and leave him more confused than sad. However, sweating profusely fighting sleep to stay awake whilst watching this flick that had seemingly slipped by time itself, itsubtly inflated his own ego to challenge his ocd-like temperament with mundane things.

Like not stepping on stone tile boundaries while walking on a pavement and not checking if the door is locked for the fourth time before masturbating, it subtly pleased him.

26. That number shouldn't matter. But it had been drilling a tiny hole, nay a tunnel from deep inside of him like a pesky woodpecker trapped within the confines of his frail body. He wished it would never come out. He hated that motherfucking woodpecker.

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