Monday, 21 January 2013

Woman in the Waves

The face that soars above mine
With eyes brown as the earth beneath my feet
Is the one I whisper to
And hold.

Your lips, as wet as a sea shore
Moist from a resting tongue
That lashes like a wave
Awakens from slumber of the night

Uttering bitter truths
Parting ways and coming together
Like my answers,
Your tides come and leave.

Your hands enclosed in mine like a summer web
Must surely brave the weather
When the sun keeps its promise, and hides
When fine yarns come undone
And the sky is most vile.

Shivering in the cold shade
As the water rises, she whispers,
‘Meet me halfway’
And I pick up my roots
And walk.

1 comment:

Juliana Mendes said...

I didn't like a lot the ending but its perfect this way!