Monday, 24 September 2012

Women Left Alone

Woman left alone
Tired, waiting
Call me out through the fog.
The time for verse
Is dead and gone
Time for us is now.

Woman left speechless
Hollow, empty
Ebb through me
Speak without a sound
Dance around the fire
Dance with my words

Red, like the evening
Red, when you were born.

Woman left laughing
Scant and vacant
Reaching for someone else’s hand
And leaving without a bow
Time for words is dead and lost
Time for us is now.

So woman, yield to me
All your weapons and armour
All the tricks that you employ
Take from me my wretched empires
And all my forgotten toys.

As I come to you
Woe begotten and hands tied
Clean and purged from within
Tell me a day will come
When the sun rises from your eyes
And settles beneath your skin.

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