Thursday, 2 August 2012


Bring me silence
Bring me wine
Or give me sleep
Where I dream I am,
One of your
Paper effigies.
Careless and tender
Entwined in you.

But how shall I be done with the cities of you?
With the streets that always
Lead me to you.
All your structures bound by tragedies
These ruined cities aren’t pastures
For the mind.

Rid the fever
Where the fear chooses you,
Casts a spell unaware.

And walk, with
Your waves crashing at my shore
Your towers falling down
And yet, caught in your currents
I go on
Mired in the horror
That today won’t last.

And what do I say to you as you

You are truer than truth
More vivid than a brushstroke
And on your canvas
Like the rest before you,
I will drown gently
Like the sun setting
In distant, mellow waves.

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